Tuesday, June 21, 2011

STC's Inaugural Bike Safety Check

Saturday, June 11th marked Southside Tri and Cycle’s (STC) first bike safety check and maintenance day held at River Crest Community Center. The event was held to prepare the bikes of our community cyclists—particularly our school-aged children—prepare for summer break.
                Attendance was fantastic from our STC group members, with the following lending their knowledge, expertise, and time: Helen, Albe, Rob, Ashley, Shawn, Jimmy, Larry, and Todd helping out with his gracious donation of latex gloves for our delicate hands. A total of six bikes were given the deluxe package by our trusty crew, along with a brave attempt by our own wheel truing specialist Shawn on a tacoed wheel. Unfortunately, increased participant turnout was thwarted by a prolonged gym closure at the recreation center which decreased the typical bicycle traffic.
                Although a little disappointed by the attendance, STC will look to hold another bike safety check and maintenance in the fall, possibly in conjunction with a kid’s race at one of Chesapeake’s local parks or establishments. Thanks again to all of the STC volunteers who demonstrated their commitment to helping our community cyclists, and we look forward to making this event bigger and better in the future.

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