Monday, October 1, 2012

OBX Half IM Race Report

OBX Half IM - Dare County, NC

Ashley Stanley - 2nd Women 30-34 - 5:35.35

I awoke at 0500 well rested after a good nights stay at the Elizabethan Hotel, got the kids ready and loaded up the car with the help of my amazing husband.  We arrived to the race at 0530 with plenty of time to rack my bike and warm up.  Conditions for the day was nice 70 at the start high of 84 and windy (don't think you can ever avoid the wind on the outer banks).  I paced around and hung out with the family trying to curb the anxiety racing the first time in a wet suit (claustrophobia is a bummer). 

 At the start I entered the water repeating the mantra "don't freak out, don't freak out, breathe..."  By the time I got to the first turn I was settled into a rhythm and was able to finish with a decent swim time of 35:24.  Up to transition I put on my bike gear on and grab my bike off the rack..oops its stuck..the late arrival next to me left their gear bag at the rack all rapped around my crank.  Bike free and clear and I'm off.  After pushing through the wind over the bridge I settle into a nice comfortable pace, and I am really enjoying the new ride (thanks Albe).  I arrive to the first turn around and some yahoo who had stopped off to the side tries to re-enter right as I come into my turn I swerve to miss him and lay my bike down, as he takes off with out a word.  I hop up, bike is OK, I'm OK, I dust myself off and take off.  Back into a rhythm and still #2 female on the bike I cruise over the bridge, loving the tail wind and start my second loop.  At about mile 35 I start struggling on the bike feel like I'm hammering but only able to keep a pace of about 18, I was so bummed at this portion of the course I should have a decent tail wind I figure the winds have shifted and hammer along.  At mile 43 I decide somethings not right get off my bike and I have a flat, bummer, I grab my tube and start to change the tire.  Half way through the change assistance stops to help, new tube on and pump, pump, pump, gauge doesn't read, off to the car for a new pump.  Gauge reads,  oops the tube hanging out deflate and fix..who is this guy.  Flat is fixed and I'm off again.  A couple miles down the road I'm thinking how nice it is to ride with out a flat when the person in front of me bib blows off and get caught in my rear brake...wonderful.  I stop clear the bib and hop back on to finish my very eventful bike with a time of 2:56:-(  Feeling a little defeated I set off for my run, great temp, not too hot. 

 I enjoy the run at my nice slow pace and stop only to walk through a couple of H2O stops.  My overall time was 5:35, 5th female overall and 2nd in my age group...not my best time but I will take it.  They say bad things happen in 3's so I should be all set.

Congrats to Rob, Derek, and Todd who all had awesome races!!!!


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