Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shawn's Beach2Battleship IM Training Report - 3 Weeks to Go.

Me and Sophie. This is how I spend 5k,
with a 4 year old on my shoulders.
Its taper time!! I actually started tapering a bit early. My Achilles issue is getting much better, and I didn't want to push the running this week. I held back on the running early in the week, and it made a big difference. It wasn't easy to hold back on the running, and I think I may have an addiction to running. By Friday evening, all I wanted to do was go for a long run. I even considered getting up at 3am and going for a 15 mile run. The last couple of weeks, I have been listening to some Ultra  Running podcasts, and all of the running talk got me giddy. I've decided I want to run an ultra next year, most likely a 50 miler.

Overall, my fitness is excellent right now. The next couple weeks, my is goal is to sharpen things up, and not get hurt.

Week recap:
Monday - X-training with 4 miles of running worked in.

 Tuesday -  Bike Intervals - 5 X 2min/ 5 X 1min. At the end of this workout, I did a heart rate measured LT test. My is LT is somewhere around 168bpm. For the IM bike, I will try and stay 20 bpm lower than that, in zone 2.

Wednesday - Swim - Drill work, and easy swim. (2500 yds)

Thursday -  AM- Bike Intervals - 3 X 5min - 2 X 10mins

Friday - Rest day

Saturday - Slowest 5k in recorded history 1:35. Walked the Susan G Komen 5k with the family. My original plan was to run the 15 miles home, but didn't want to push the mileage.

Sunday - Super YMCA Tri - Planned to get up for a ride, but the weather was stilling sucking. Journeyed to the Y for a 3000 swim, 1.5 hours on the spin bike, then ran 5 miles home. I actually enjoyed the workout. We should put together an indoor tri this winter for the team.

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