Monday, April 11, 2011

Parrott Flies to Win at the VADU

STC'S own Jimmy Parrott took the overall win Sunday at the VADU in Surry, Va presented by Kale running. The course is a 5K run, followed by a 23 mile bike, and finished off with a final 5K. On his way to taking home the waterfowl trophy, he averaged 5:47/mile pace for the run, and 23.5 mph average on the bike, with a winning time of 1:36.28. (VADU Results).

In the post race interview, Jimmy credited hard training, saying his prayers, and taking his vitamins as the keys to success.

Jimmy's Race Report:

It was a beautiful start to the 10th annual VA DU, maybe a bit inauspicious come to think of it. Rob, finally sleeping through the night Reik, Mike, the shed builder 6 pack Bruwelheide, and Jimmy, Fabio here I come Parrott gathered gear and bikes on their way to glories unforeseen. With temps in the high 50’s, Zeus was certainly looking out for the STC racers. 
With a slightly smaller field than normal, the accolades of waterfowl were within reach. Mr. B—with previous splits and plyometric training at the ready—looked to improve on his previous duathlon race from the relatively flat Fort Story course. Rob—with Amy’s mantra in the back of his mind, “don’t come home without a duck,” was poised to strike a blow to the top three Master’s, or age group racers. Jimmy was just trying to regain some confidence from a despicable showing at the canal trail TT the previous day.
The first 5K, although hilly, was successfully completed by all. With our Clydesdale Mike without a Clydesdale category today, it was a great race to hone his skills for Triathlon Clydesdale podiums. The only caveat is that he has to maintain his weight—which will be easy as long as he keeps up his imbibing.
Jimmy was caught early on in the bike—but not allowed back into the house without some type of fowl—stuck with the apparent Navy seal holding his time loss to about 15 seconds by the final 23 miles. 
Rob, feeling comfortable and confident, was poised to break the competitive Master’s category. Unfortunately, he pulled a “Jimmy” and followed a wayward racer on a scenic trip back into the state park. After checking out the splendor of the park, he returned to the official bike course, albeit a few minutes down.      
The final run was acknowledged by all to be painful, but this racer can only speak to the burning in his legs while trying to hold off the racer behind him. While jogging back along the finish line to root on our STC racers, an epiphany came to him—jog back to transition and get your camera to take pictures of the other STC racers. Unfortunately, within 25 meters of the transition area, his legs literally locked up and he was unable to move…except to try and stretch of his quads. Regrettably, this is the time that Rob decided to make his way to the finish line. All he could do, while trying not to have his quads cramp up, was shout from the ground, “go Rob go, finish strong.” 
After Rob’s great finish, he was able to hobble his way to his camera, and make his way toward the final run in to wait with bated breath for Mr. B. Once spotted, and photographed, Mike’s comment spoke volumes, “my whole body is cramping.” Well said Mike, well said.

Mike aka the Clydesdale assassin was a respectable 6th in the competitive 35-39 age group.
With Rob’s scenic tour, he barely missed a big waterfowl and had to “settle” for 1st in his age group.
Jimmy, still sore as hell Fabio, pulled out 1st overall.



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