Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Smithfield Tri

Congrats to Chuck Alt! He raced in the Smithfield Tri this weekend. Below is his race report.

425 people showed up for this warm-up Tri yesterday in Smithfield.  At start time the sun was out and if it weren't so windy I would have called it a nice day.  This is a pool swim (300m snake style) so its just long enough to get you wet for the bike ride.  They start you every 10s so the starts ranged from 10 am - 11:45 or so.  The winning time was 46:31 by a guy from Richmond.

2 weeks after the Shamrock I still wasn't feeling great and posted times that were slower than last year in both the bike and run leg.  I was surprised to see I placed 3rd in my age group so it must have been a pretty weak field.  I just squeaked under an hour with 59:01 and 55th overall.

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