Saturday, April 30, 2011


Today was the first annual TCOB ( Taking Care of Business) ride. Sometimes riding gets way too casual with all of the spandex and form fitting fashions. On this Saturday, we was decided that STC would bring some class back to cycling, and hence the TCOB ride. Some may call it a business man's special, or Banker's on parade. We call it a necessary reminder that cycling is a gentlemen's sport, and you hammer heads with the Primal Tribal cycling jerseys should respect the roots of the sport.

In an after ride interview with Jimmy "Windsor Knot" Parrott, I asked about the origin of this ride. Jimmy confided in me, " I was watching Risky Business and thought, I would look great in cycling shorts and a dress shirt", and a cycling tradition was born. Jimmy did deliver with the full black and white ensemble, with the matching socks. His eye for flare, and class can only be matched by Tom Jones.

Rob "Button Down" Riek also participated in the ride. He feels passionate about "dressing up" the average ride. Rob made mentions many times times that, " these young whippersnappers, with their long hair, and polyester fabrics, don't respect the traditions of cycling."  I asked Rob, " a necktie flapping in the breeze is ... freedom from modern fabrics and aerodyanmics. Maurice Garin didn't need wind tunnel testing and either doth I." 

The final member of the triumvirate of class was Shawn "Business Casual" Buddenhagen. I heard Jimmy's vision for a more classy ride, and I said I am in. For me staying classy is a must, I always say stay classy Chesapeake. I decided against the tie, and went for a more business casual/sleazy style. The chicks dig chest hair, I and dig chicks, if you you are picking up , what I am putting down. 

This day was not without its challenges though. There was a villain of the day that sought the make the trio of class perspire on the day of class. Chuck " the overdressed wind slicer" sought to put the trio in trouble, with maniacal pulls at the front, but order was restored when the sultans of fly kept the pace much more  pulchritudinous.

Please join us next year for the annual TCOB ride. The date has not been set, you know when the time is right. Up next will be the mid summer tank tops and fanny pack ride. Check back for updates on the date on this special event.

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