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STC's 2012 - Podiums, PR's, and Perspectives

2012 Wrap up: 

2012 was another successful year for the members of STC. STC members managed new PRs, and raced to new distances. In the short two year history of STC, we put a stamp on the Mid-Atlantic endurance racing scene. Everyone has pushed themselves to new distances and times. As we are all everyday athletes, the new accomplishments were achieved through difficult work schedules, and the rigors of everyday family life.

Thank you to our sponsors Keneros and East Coast Bikes for their support of the team. Also thank you to all of our families, that deal with our strange exercise compulsion, and allow us to race.

We are excited for the new challenges of 2013.

2012 Highlights -

15 - Podiums
6 - Reported PR's
2 - New Full IM Finishers
2 - New Half IM Finishers
Boston Marathon Finisher

Larry Bowers

Kinetic Half – 5 hr 3 min 50 sec (3rd AG/73rd overall)

Jamestown International (swim cancelled) – 1 hr 58 min 33 sec (2nd AG/27th overall)

Patriot Half – 5 hr 14 min 21 sec (3rd AG/25th overall)

Beach to Battleship Full – 10 hr 54 min 2 sec (2nd AG/51st overall)

VTS 2012 AG ranking – 19th out of 325 for my AG (had no clue this ranking even existed … included only 3 of my 4 events seeming the Beach to Battleship Full was in NC and not in VA)

Biggest accomplishment – Having my daughter participate as a front line volunteer handing out medals and cold towels.  Next on the list obviously was completing a Full Ironman distance (but Rob is still King with the overall time rankings).  The training was intense, long and hard.  The payoff was sweet.

Chuck Alt

Smithfield Sprint                              4th AG, 37th overall
Breezy Point Sprint                         6th AG, ? overall
Jamestown Olympic                       7th AG, 50th overall – no swim!
Allen Stone Aquathlon                  just had a blast running this with my kids!  Swam with my daughter to beat everyone else in family group, then ran with my son and his friend.
Patriot Half                                         10th AG, 90th overall
Sandman Sprint                                2nd AG, 21st overall

Biggest accomplishments.
No injuries or Plantar Fasciitis for the whole year – 2012 – this is a first for me!
5k PR at Smithfield – 20:35 (though I think course was a little short).
Invitation from USAT to participate in the Olympic Distance AG National Championship in Milwaukee (8/10/13)
35th out of 409 in my age group for VTS with 3 races.  You need 5 races to maximize points.
Finished my first Half Ironman (and lost 8 lbs doing so!)

I attached a photo from Allen Stone with my kids.

Jeff Rodarmel

Smithfield Sprint - 31st Men 40-44 – 1:10:51
Breezy Point Sprint - 27th Men 40-44 - 1:33.41
Outer Banks Sprint - 10th Men 40-44 - 1:35.01

Accomplishments:  Completing my first triathlon.  This was a good introductory year into multisport and I appreciate everyones help and guidance.  I will look to do my first Olympic distance in 2013.  The advice via e-mail was and is very helpful for a newbie.

Jerry Berman

2012 was fun.  Don't be fooled by the finishes.  Masters finishers and some diluted race fields helped....

Smithfield Sprint Tri - 8th AG

Assateague Assault Sprint Tri - 2nd AG

Jamestown Sprint Tri - 3rd AG

Allen Stone RSR - a tribute to a fallen hero friend...but an abysmal race day

Patriot Sprint Tri - 4th AG

Sandman Sprint Tri - 3rd AG

Proud moments of 2012:
3 first place AG swim finishes in 4 triathlons
Running the Santa Shuffle 5K in 36 minutes with my 8 yr old daughter beside me and her 8 yr friend on my back for about a mile

Happy Holidays to all!  Perhaps Santa will bring a 2013 ironman finish????

Ashley Stanley

The 2012 race season was pretty non-eventful for me as I spent December through the end of June recovering from a patellar tendon injury:-(

OBX half triathlon: 5:35  2nd AG

Surfin Santa 10 miler  1:20  14th AG

My goals for 2013 are to hopefully PR Shamrock marathon and race strong this TRI season without injury.

Picture from the OBX tri is attached, best part of racing is to round the corner to find your family.  The little girl in blue is my daughter jumping up and down shouting "go mommy go"

Derrick Baskin

Here are my 2012 results.

Colonial half marathon.    1:37:08. 14th AG
Elizabeth river run 10k    40:45  6th AG
Jamestown international tri.   1:59:41. 1st AG. 32nd OA
Full bloom half marathon.   1:30:43.  1st AG. 4th OA
OBX triathlon OLY.  2:36:36.   6th AG

Rob Riek

2012 Season in Review
Virginia Duathlon 3rd AG
Dismal Swamp Stomp ½ Marathon 3rd AG 1:32 (PR)
½ IM Lake Anna – BLEW UP L
Jamestown Tri/Du 3rd AG
Outer Banks Olympic 1st AG, 5th OA

It was a great year with the birth of our son Ryan 3 weeks before the last tri.  Most proud of the love, understanding and support from my wife Amy who helps make it possible to accomplish everything with our crazy schedule.

Shawn Buddenhagen  

2012 was a year of going longer for me. I completed my first Half IM in May, and my first Full IM distance in November. I learned a lot about the amount of workload my body can handle. Completing the IM put endurance racing into a new perspective for me

Beach2Battleship Triathlon 2012
34 10/20 12:20:41
Virginia Beach Rock N' Roll Half Marathon 2012
30 9/02 2:03:37

Allen Stone Memorial Run-Swim-Run, 5k, & 1 Mile Kid's Race 2012
34 7/21 58:41

Jamestown Triathlon 2012
34 7/01 2:08:58

Kinetic Half 2012
34 5/12 5:50:06

40th Annual Yuengling Shamrock Marathon 2012
34 3/18 40:22

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