Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Century

     It's the beginning of February, cold and windy, no one has ridden any significant miles in months. These are the ingredients for a brilliant idea, and a somewhat miserable day. In an effort to the galvanize the group through collective suffering, the Superbowl century was born. The plan was to meet Superbowl Sunday morning, and head down to NC, and complete a 100 miles. After the ride we would meet at Jimmy's for homemade pizza and beer. The logic was the hundred miles would make room in our bellies for the three pieces of pizza later, and fuel or obsession for excessive exercise.

The Ride

We met up at Bike Beat Chesapeake at 8am Sunday morning. The forecast was for temps to start in the 30's and rise to the mid 40's with west winds. The fearless crew for this mis-adventure was Larry "Hammer", Joe "the Navigator", Rob, Jimmy, and Shawn. Larry checked his five hour nutrition syrup bottle, and we were off.

The first 20 miles were on the familar rural roads of Chesapeake. The air was cold, the sun was behind thick clouds, and a slight head wind had developed. We were beginning to think the forecast of slightly warmer temps, was not going to happen. When we reached Old Swamp Road in NC, Shawn noted that his legs felt like they had been transplanted with frozen tissue from a nematode. Rob encouraged Shawn by noting that he did indeed looked to be riding like crap. Shawn continued on knowing that, if this ride were to devolve into a survival situation where cannibalism was involved, his remains could save others.

Turn around point. Notice the smoldering pit od dispair.
We were on a march toward the turn around point. Joe was providing navigation through ancient tribal means, that he learned through his time spent the yellow and blue bandanna crew. We only missed half of the turns, and made it safely to the turnaround point.

After we made the turn home it became very cold. A thick blanket of foreboding clouds had formed. The wind picked up, and a light snow/rain mixture added to the misery. We continued on, knowing that we had only made room for 1.5 pieces of pizza thus far.

Around mile 65 we picked up a slight tailwind, and were able to pick up some speed. Larry was especially motivated by the increase in speed, and tried to increase the pace to 86mph. Which would have allowed us to travel through time, and back to the parking lot.

Paradise Grocery
At mile 75 we stopped at the Paradise grocery, to refuel our energy sapped legs. It was a much welcomed stop from the cold wind. Under blood oath we swore never to speak of what was consumed at the store. ( Did you know an oatmeal cream pie 330 calories in it?)

The twenty miles were a blur of shortening pulls, as we reached for that last sock rolling at the bottom of our suitcase of courage. The group held strong, and we were almost home. We passed by Jeff Greene Manor, but no one had to strength to hail the recluse. Finally we turned on to Edinbrough, and could see the oasis of the shopping center ahead. Larry pulled off to head home, dangerous low on fuel, as we had slightly exceeded the five hour bottle. Everyone made it safely home for some much needed rest.

The Party at Jimmy's was as advertised, with delicious homemade pizza beer, and football. Good times were had by all. This was the first ever Superbowl Century. If it is to be the first annual is to be decided.

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  1. HAHA, nice write up Shawn. The pit of despair seems foreboding. Well done as always, and now I can officially say I have ridden a century.