Monday, August 19, 2013

Shawn's Beach 2 Battleship IM Training report - 11 weeks to go

For the last ten weeks until the Beach 2 Battleship IM, I will give a look into my week of training. I figured this would keep me honest, and provide some entertainment for everyone else. I will try to keep the posts short, and entertaining. Feel free to comment, offer encouragement, or tell me my programing is crap. All are welcome.

Week of 8/12 - 11 weeks to go.

Monday - Bike - 52 miles -This was the last day of my "Staycation". I got up early and got in a decent ride. I started out toward Chesapeake, and decided to come back on Mt. Pleasant, through southern VB. This was a mistake. There is not much shoulder on the road, and I was getting buzzed by cars at 55. I was white knuckled half the ride, but still got some good miles in.

Tuesday - AM Run 6 miles - Nice easy run on the boardwalk, shake out the legs.
                  Noon - X-spin Class - 1hr

Wednesday - 1 mile run/30 min swim/1 mile run - Run to the beach from the gym. 30 min ocean swim. The onshore winds came up, and it was a washing machine. Waves were breaking on me the whole time. It was a difficult swim.
                   Noon - Bike Intervals - WU - 12 X 1 min on/ 1 min off with lots of tension. 10 minute tempo effort.

Thursday - AM 8 Mile Tempo Run - Ahh, finally a cool morning. It was cool but still humid, it is VB in the summer. First mile was a warm up. Ran the next mile tempo, and it seemed difficult. I did not bring my Garmin, so I was not sure of the pace. I was following my partner Joe. We had agreed on a pace of 7:30. I asked at the end of the mile, that 7:30 was hard, and he said no, that was closer to 7:05. He is trying to kill me. The next 2 mile interval I run at my own pace, closer to 7:30-:40.
                    Noon- X-spin 1Hr

Friday - Cross Train - Every Friday, Joe and I come up with so ridiculous workout to end the week. This week it was a workout named "Beastmode". Here is the rep scheme:
* 8 rounds
10 pull ups
10 Man Makers - (Man Breakers)
25 Squats
10 Presses
25 Sit ups
250 M run

This workout seemed doable on paper, but was a killer. By the third round of Man Makers my shoulders were killing me. I did one more round, and had to give up on the Man Makers, to ensure I didn't have to have a double arm amputation. I made it through 6 rounds, and tapped out. I haven't given up on a workout in a long time, but I was doing more harm than good. We will not be doing this one again.

Saturday - 2.5 hours Spin Bike - I totally got psyched out by the weather, and decided to go to the Y. I sat my sorry butt on the spin bike for 2.5 hours of torture. I spun through two spin classes, but did my own thing. How many times can someone get up and down for a two count in one workout? I have an idea, let's ride hard for a while, take a rest, and repeat. If I were a spin instructor, I would probably get fired within a week. "Come on Ladies, today's workout will be 2 x 20 power test, let's keep those watts above 240."

Sunday - 15 mile long run - When I woke up, it was cool, and drizzling. These are perfect conditions for me. My goal was just to run at an all day pace. My route was from my house to Trashmore, around the big loop, and back.  My legs felt fantastic, for the first time in weeks. I kept my pace around 9min/m. I easily could have done 5-6 miles no problem.  The only issue I had was my shoulders were still sore from Friday, Damn Man Makers.

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