Monday, August 26, 2013

Shawn's Beach @ Battleship Training Report - 10 weeks to go

Overall, I had a decent week of training, expect for a disaster of a run on Sunday. In the next couple of weeks, I need some more bike miles. Since, my outside time will be limited, that means some more spin bike time.

Here's the question. When you are having a terrible training session, do you gut it out, or cut your loses?

Here's how the week went:

Monday: AM - Run-Swim -Run. 3 miles running/ 1.5k Ocean Swim
                 Noon - Weight Training - Working on overall sexiness.

Tuesday: AM - Run Hill Work 5-6 miles. Did this workout at Trashmore with 85% humidity. I                felt good more most of the session, but was completely drenched with sweat.
                 Noon - X Spin Class - 1 hour

Wednesday: AM - Slept in - Ahhhh.
                      Noon - Swim workout. My form has been feeling off. I spent 20 minutes working drills, and then 10 X 100.

Thursday: AM - Tempo Run 6 miles, 3 miles at 5k pace.

Friday: AM - Bike Intervals - Wu/ 20 X 1 min/30 off /Cool Down
              Noon - X- train - weights, and core.

Saturday: Group Ride - 67 miles. What a glorious morning. Nice cool temps. A head wind developed on my way home, and I way a bit slower for the last 10 miles or so.

Sunday:  Run 6 miles (planned 14). Total disaster. I could not get my body to cooperate and run. The first 2 miles, my left calf was tight, I stretched it out. I ran another couple miles, and could not get into a rhythm. My heart rate was all over the place, and I felt like I was at the end of a marathon. I have no idea what happened, but I cut it short, and will make the miles up somewhere.

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