Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shawn's B2B IM Training Report - 6 Weeks to go

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This week was the most run volume I have ever done. If I count last Sunday, I had 41 miles in seven days. I had not planned to run that much, it just happened that way. The big difference was the weather. It seems to have broken, making running for me much easier. The cooler temps allow my body not to work so hard during the runs, and my speed and recovery are greatly improved.

The week was capped off with a five hour bike ride with Rob and Larry. I had planned to ride 70 or so, but could not pass up the invite. My legs felt like lead for most of the ride. I could maintain a pace, but could not push much for the first fifty miles. Around mile 60, my legs started to come around, and I felt much better. These long rides are key to work on nutrition and pacing. I found out, that I need to hydrate more than my thirst dictates. My goal during the IM, assuming normal conditions is to get 30 oz of fluid in per hour.

Two weeks of build left, then its taper time.

Monday - 3 mile run - Strength work

Tuesday - AM Bike Intervals - 3 X 5 min under heavy gear, 8 X 1 min 90%
                 Noon - 7 mile run - 3 miles tempo

Wednesday - Swim - WU - 4 X 500, working on smooth stroke rate and form
                      PM - 17 miles - Ran home from work. Last time I ran home it was 90F, and put a hurting on me. This time it was a pleasant 72F, and I felt great when I finished.

Thursday - AM - Rode bike back into work. 17 miles.
                  PM - Easy Run 6 miles.

Friday - Swim 40 mins. Pressed for time. Mix of intervals. I finished with some fast 50's. Those are a good time. I tired to break 30 sec, but my best was 33.
              PM - Easy 4 mile run.

Saturday - 102 mile Bike with Larry and Rob.

Sunday - Rest Day, Much needed.

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