Monday, September 30, 2013

Shawn's B2B IM Training - 5 weeks to go

Fast Legs
I ran a PR on an 8k this week. Saturday, I ran in the Neptune festival 8k during some windy conditions. I went out too fast and blew up, but managed to hang on for a PR (36:19). I know an 8k is not a good predictor of IM fitness, but it felt good see some progress. My goal for next year is to get that down in the 34's.

Overall my form feels to be coming together. My fitness is ahead of what it was last year, and I should have a great race. My goal over the last four weeks is to not get injured. I have pushed the volume more in the last couple months, than ever before. Now is the time to be smart, and let that training sink in.

Monday: Strength day. Got totally ripped, and oiled.

Tuesday: AM - Track work 5 miles - 2 X 1600 - Fartlek, 2 X 400 quick.
                 Noon - Bike inervals 1 hr.

Wednesday: Run- Swim - Run, ran to the Y 3.5 miles, Swim 40 mins, Run home 3.5

Thursday: AM - Bike intervals - 10 X 2min, @ X 5 min tempo.
                   Noon - Tempo Run 7 miles

Friday:  Swim - 20 X 100 main set, Used pull bouy last five.

Saturday:  Bike/Run Brick - 20 mile ride/ Raced 8k/ Rode home 20 miles.

Sunday:  Run easy 12 miles. Brought five bucks for a drink, and dropped it on the way out. I found my five on the way back, my lucky day.

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