Monday, September 16, 2013

Shawn's B2B IM Training report - 7 weeks to go

I call this one work life balance
"Hey, What pace are we running?",
 "Around 9:05",
"That's not too fast, Why does it feel like I am going to die?",
"Because it is 92F in the middle of Sept."

This was a recovery week after three good build weeks. The timing was good, as it was hot enough to cook my brain this week.

The highlight of the week was racing the Sandman Tri on Sunday. I was a last minute entry, and it was a good decision. It felt great to go out and hammer after all of the long IM training. Also, the post race BBQ and beer were right on time.

Here's the week:

Monday - Planned Ocean Swim,  the water was mostly calm but, Life gaurds said no swimming. Did some strength work at the gym.

Tuesday - AM - Ocean Swim 1 mile
                 Noon - Run 6 X 600M hill repeats. Over the Rudee bridge. 5 miles total.

Wednesday - Bike Intervals - WU - 3 X 5min @ 85%, 8 X 1min @ 95%.

Thursday - 6 mile Run, Death March. See quote at the top of the post.

Friday - X-train, 30 min workout.

Saturday - Rode 40 miles. Threw in a couple of hard efforts to test the legs.

Sunday - Sandman Tri . 1:17. Race report to follow.

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