Monday, September 9, 2013

Shawn's B2B IM Training Report - 8 Weeks to Go.

It was Labor day week, and I got to work. By work, I mean training, of course. This was my best week of training in this IM cycle. Monday, was a holiday, so I got in a nice brick. This rest of the week featured some quality sessions, and I didn't feel like crap.

Joe rolling through KI. His longest ride since Feb.
Monday (Labor Day) -  Brick 40 mile bike/ 5 mile run - Legs felt kind of dead on the bike, but came around on the run.

Tuesday - X-Spin Class - 1hr

 Wednesday - Swim 1 hr - WU/ 2 X 10min / 10 X 100 on 2min. This was my best session in a long while. My form felt good, and the times showed. Most 100's were 1:35. The last 100 was 1:21, a PR for me. Small victories.

Thursday - AM - Hill Run at Trashmore 45mins. Noon - Bike Intervals - 1hr

Friday - X-Train. I made up some ridicilous workout, that was too difficult and too long. Heart rate was jacked the entire time, cut it ar 45 mins, to limit the damage.

Saturday - 90 mile Bike - Joe joined me for a juant to KI and back. The weather was superb. I slightly misjudged my nutrition and bonked 3 miles from home. I need to work on getting in more nutrition. Rookie mistake.

Sunday -  15 mile run. My best run in weeks. The cooler weather really helped. For the first time in weeks, when I got home my shorts were soaked. I had tired legs from the ride the day before, but my form was holding up.

Goals for next week - 3 swim sessions, more bike intervals. My lower left calf is starting to tighen up, so I need to dail back the running this week.

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