Monday, October 7, 2013

Shawn's Beach 2 Battleship IM Training Report - 4 weeks to go.

Sunrise shot from my Sunday morning ride.
The alarm on my phone goes off at 5:15. I need to make those four steps to turn it off, before it wakes up everyone else. In my head I think, "Is this going to hurt?". This is the story of my week with my sore Achilles. Those first few steps in the morning are the barometer of how much running I can do that day. The IM is in 3 weeks, and I am going to decrease my run volume to let this Achilles heal up.

Other than the Achilles issue, I feel really good. The heavy volume training is done, and I can feel the benefits. I set two PR's in the last month in shorter events. This is the best fitness I have had, and I can't wait for the race.

Monday - 2 mile run/ Strength Work.

Tuesday - AM -Track work (Fail) - 4 miles. During the warm up my Achilles was screaming. It finally loosened up, but I didn't want to push it. Instead I worked on some walking lunges, and stairs.
                  PM -  Bike intervals.

Wednesday - Rest day. Had to travel for work.

Thursday -  AM - Bike Intervals - Different sets @ 2:1 Work to Rest ratio @ 85%. My legs felt fantastic.
                     Noon - 7 Mile Run in the heat. I thought it was Fall, why is it still 85F. My Achilles was much better.

Friday - Noon - 1.6 mile ocean swim against a slight current.

Saturday - Started the day with two flats in my garage. 70 mile bike ride. Started to bonk a bit at mile 65. 60 miles seems to be where I am having issues with my nutrition. During the race I need to get in more calories early.

Sunday - Brick 30/5. My legs felt tired on the ride, but came around nicely on the run.

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