Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shawn's Beach 2 Battleship IM Training Report - 9 weeks to go.

Recent Self Portrait.
Man how time flys when you are doing nothing but excerizing, and eating. Actually that is not true. I had a productive week of traning, but the volume was down a bit. I even had a rest day! This was the last offical week of summer. I hope those cooler temps are coming soon.

My form is coming along on schedule. It is difficult for me to assess my fitness during IM training as I am always a bit fatigued. The good days still come, but most days are just average, and you push through.

Here's my week:

Monday - AM -  Went surfing. I will count it as a swim workout, but much more fun.
                  NOON - Bike intervals (1 hour). Working on leg strength.

Tuesday - Noon - X-Spin Class - Cross Training
                  PM - Ran home from work. (15 miles) - Since my long run the previous Sunday sucked, I decided to make up the mileage. This was a tough run. The temp when I left was 88, but the humidity wasn't that high. By mile 3, I was cooking. The rest of the run was survival. I drank around 2 liters of water during the run, and was still dehydrated. When I was done, it felt like I ran twenty miles.

Wednesday - AM - Bike to work 15 miles - Since I needed a way back to work, I rode my bike. I took it easy, as I was tired from the previous night's run.
                        NOON - Swim 50 mins - WU - 3 X 10min, 5 fast 50's. I felt really good during this wortkout, My form was holding together nicely.

Thursday - AM -  7 mile run. My body was not wanting to run fast this morning. I cruised through it at marathon pace.

Friday - Rest Day!!!

Saturday - 70/5 mile Brick. Rob and I rode out to Knott's Island and back. We finished with a quick run. It was plenty warm, and we both ran out of water with ten miles left on the bike. I think it afttected my run, as I felt like I was melting. Overall, it was a quality workout.

Sunday - 8 mile run - It was a holiday weekend, and I had a brick planned for Monday, so I went out for an easy run.

Goals for next week - More pool time, Century on Saturday.

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